Work for many young people is one of the most important ways of achieving independence and financial security. It’s no different for most young people with disabilities.

There are a range of ways that a young person can find a job and get involved in developing their career, and a range of supports that can assist your child to find, apply for and get the job they want.

Job Services Australia is funded by the Australian Government, to help your child to figure out their goals, skills, and any other training or support they might need to get the job they want. This will include developing an individualised Job Search Plan with your child and work with them on putting it into action.

Disability Employment Services require specialised assistance to people with disabilities who need some support to find and keep the job that they want.

They provide similar services to Job Services Australia but with a specialised understanding of disabilities, and can provide more intensive support including training, job search support, on the job training and support, and vocational training.

Australian Disability Enterprises are businesses which work specifically with people with a disability and give them an opportunity to work in a wide variety of tasks. These are traditionally more manually focused including packaging, printing, maintenance, cleaning or food services.

Employees at an ADE are employed with the same rights and conditions as anybody else in the general workforce.

Apprenticeships are an opportunity to work directly with a skilled mentor who will teach your child the skills required, on the job, to learn and master a trade. Apprenticeships are available and supported by a range of government payments to an employer who employs an apprentice with a disability. This will ensure that an apprentice with a disability can reach their full potential as a skilled worker.

Not all work needs to be paid to be meaningful and valuable for your child’s growth, development and independence. 

Volunteering provides an unpaid but valuable service to the community and is a great way to learn new skills and experience new challenges. It can also help a young person to figure out what they might like to do for paid work of further study, and build their independence and confidence.