Young people in their senior years of school have usually spent some time thinking about what they want to do when they leave school, particularly in the area of work and the studies they might need to undertake to work in their desired field.  Many will already have part time jobs, some may be in relationships, and most would expect that they will leave home and live independently of their parents at some stage in their lives.

These are fairly typical pathways that most young people would reasonably expect to fulfil.

Young people with disabilities are often not afforded such opportunities. Sometimes it is assumed or even expressed that a young person with a disability will not be able to work and can never be independent.  People with disabilities are often not given the opportunity to explore such options.

Yet it is important ….Most people want to be involved in meaningful, purposeful day to day activities.  Most people want some independence from their parents and relationships of their own.


The move from school to whatever adult life may entail is one of the most challenging times in your child’s life, but is also full of new opportunities and exciting potential.

You can help to make this as positive an experience as possible by starting the planning process early with your child, and gathering lots of information about what’s possible, what’s available, and learning from what others have done. The fact that you’re reading this resource is a great start!


Below are a range of resources which can help you and your child work through this time and help their journey to achieving their aspirations and goals for their adult life.