The NDIS is based on being person centred and provides individual planning and funding.

Person centred planning and self directed planning are very important concepts. This is when planning and decisions are made by the person with a disability, to the extent that the person can make decisions independently, or with guidance and support from a trusted person. In the case of children, parents always make decisions for young children, and as they get older they start to participate in decision making

CaptureThis booklet provides information about each step in the journey, from eligibility and access to NDIS, to planning, implementing your child’s plan, and reviewing your child’s plan (there is a copy for you in your information pack/to take)

The NDIS Pathway booklet talks about ‘My First Plan’. Your first plan will be in place for 12 months. And will focus on Core and Capital supports required for day to day living.

You will have a review after 12 months to discuss with the planner are any changes which might be required and to discuss longer term goals.

This type of thinking might already be familiar to some of you, if you have an Individual Support Package, and you might also be self managing, and have long term goals in place already. If you are well prepared for your child’s planning meeting, and your requests are considered reasonable and necessary, and you have the necessary evidence, then longer term goals can be included in your first plan as well.

Workbook-image-213x300ACD produces an excellent family-focused planning workbook which has been designed to work seamlessly with the information in this website. You can download by clicking on the image to the left.