The word ‘Intervention’ can mean many things to different people.

When the word is used when talking about early childhood development it can describe all different types of services that you can access.

ECEI is designed to promote learning, development, well-being and participation in the community.

Early Childhood Early Intervention support aims to:

  • promote the child’s learning, development and ability to participate in family, early childhood education and care settings and broader community life
  • Assist parents and families to have the knowledge, skills and support to respond to the needs of their child

ECEI support can be delivered by a range of professionals with specialist qualifications who apply their knowledge and expertise to support children to learn and develop. The professionals supporting a child may include:

Occupational therapist– Their specialist knowledge can contribute to supporting the development of a child’s independence in everyday activities including eating, dressing, toileting and a range of activities that are part of family life.

Physiotherapist- Their specialist knowledge can contribute to supporting a child’s development in the areas of movement, posture and balance.

Speech pathologist– A speech pathologist will work in supporting a child who has difficulties talking, understanding speech, stuttering, eating and drinking, swallowing or drooling.

Psychologist– Their specialist knowledge can assist families to support a child’s social, emotional and overall development. They can provide advice and assistance to families including offering behaviour management guidance.

Specialist Early Childhood Educators– Professionals who are trained in early years education are often part of ECEI teams, and assist families to understand their child’s needs and to provide opportunities and experiences that support their learning and development.

Supports look different for every child and family as they are based around your child and family needs and the goals you set and the life you lead.


From July 2016 until June 2019 access to these supports will gradually change from current funded services such as State funded ECIS and Nationally Funded Helping Children with Autism (HCWA) and/or Better Start to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Where your family resides will inform when you access this support through the NDIS.

Medicare and your private health insurance may also provide financial reimbursement to assist in accessing this support.

When you start the journey of accessing services to assist the development of your child you will continue to be the decision maker for your child with the benefit of support from Early Childhood Intervention professionals. The NDIS put choice and control for families and participants of the scheme first.